Our Story

We believe in ethical and sustainable values inspiring everyone to make a difference, a positive one, a powerful one!

MaxxyJae is proudly women owned and operated in Australia

With the greatest passion in what we do and we aim to provide highest quality at the best prices to our customers.

We have working partnerships within Australia and Internationally who have same ethos as us with slow fashion, that allows us to provide the general public with these collections at reduced and affordable prices. We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity and our online showroom provides our clients access to our vast product ranges consciously sourced from all around the world.


Shuba founded MaxxyJae in 2023, with a vision to synthesize women empowerment together with slow fashion.

I grew up in a family farm growing Cotton, Coconut trees, Maize, Spices and much more crops producing natural fibres and other produce. We also had a triumphant textile spinning business in town. Dad was a manufacturing & business management guru in textiles, brother was a marketing team leader for a leading global brand. Growing in this environment gave me so much insight and became so passionate about nature, women and fashion along with business management!

For past two decades, I’ve been building my strengths and skills with Bachelors in Commerce and Masters in Accounting & Finance and building a career. Sudden shift took me towards co-owning 2 big retail franchises simultaneously and winning best Franchise of the year award for one of them.

Comes a child in my world, totally changed my perception and awareness to toxic additions to pretty much everything we use every day. So, I wanted to combine my passion to empowering women with love of nature.

Living closer to the nature surrounded by Australian native Fauna & Flora in a 100-acre slice of heaven, walking barefoot – sensing and connecting to mother earth helps me to listen to my intuitions.

Our team works tirelessly to source women owned and women made products as practically as possible to introduce it to our everyday women. We strongly believe in KARMA – what we put in is What we get back. More sustainable | eco-friendly | natural fibers and fabrics from recycled materials is the way to our future.

What is good on our skin, is good for our planet earth!



Slow Fashion is a movement. It’s a combination of quality, longevity, minimal to zero waste in production and Fair work ethics.


We are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly ethical practices. Focusing to do our best to re-introduce, unlearn fast linear fashion and learn eco practices. Empowering women and enriching our planet earth with range of products with minimal to zero-waste manufacturing is our way of stepping forward.

We wish to build a more positive world without taxing our mother earth and we will not stop working to do better.

Fast fashions screams out cheap look and feel, harmful on sensitive skin manufactured and marketed with zero care to your skin and to our planet while skin-friendly materials are long lasting, looks good and feel soothing on your skin boosting confidence.


We are all about empowering & educating women. We believe if a woman choose to make a difference, the whole family would! We support  women made, women owned small businesses as much as we could. We are proud to say – our website, branding, our staff, most of our garment makers are women tribe. We make sure every single staff and supplier we deal with are treated with kindness and respect and paid fair wages and good working conditions.

Fashion industry is one of the worst in producing waste pilling up in landfill. We’re carefully and tirelessly working towards making a positive change.

Sustainability through quality! Makes women look good, feel good and shine with confidence on your skin, while doing good to our environment!


Proud to share – We use eco-friendly biodegradable packaging. We re-use, compost all possible packaging during the process from sourcing, shipping until the product gets to you.

We never stop trying to do things better to make less carbon footprint!

Let’s no just advocate, let’s start making that change, lets be that change!


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Our HQ is based in Perth


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